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TOUCH a product and see the dynamic content on the screen

Spice Up your Retail Environment!


Virtual Connection provides the perfect tool to make a lasting impact on your potential clients, and make your brand stand out. 


Virtual Connection products are designed to add value to shopping experience, and turn ordinary sales into a customer engaging interactive experience.


From concept store-fronts, glass walls, window or floor displays, to informative self-standing units - communicate messages, strengthen your brand recognition and advertise in a thrilling new way customers won't forget. 



Our interactive shelves work with all our range of kiosks. Upon product pickup by the customer, our kiosks are able to play unique video content for that specific product.

Our shelves can be fully customised.



A new Display that takes selected images and optically projects them in space allowing the viewer to appreciate its attributes and details.  For sales, marketing, education, training and visual presentation.


Q-  How can 3D Projection be applied to a retail venue?


A-  Incorporated within a kiosk and projected into the Mall line, the produced bungee cord effect will pull shoppers into the retail environment to learn more about and purchase the product.  A fully dimensional, floating object answers all questions about style, design, attributes and construction; details often not seen when products are on display in a locked showcase.  


Now a 2 carat diamond ring is out in full view for inspection but security is not an issue!  A virtual catalog of products can be demonstrated this way;


Used with complementary technology, 3D projection says it all and consumer interest can be measured via data collection and may be paid for via advertising dollars.

  • Easily setup and assemble your Interactive Display

  • customize the visual effects

  • Brand a template with your corporate logo

  • Remotely schedule campaign and content

  • Generate data reports on who interacts and for how long

Talking Mannequins can be used in a

number of different environments


  • Exhibitions

  • Retail

  • Airports

  • Museums

  • Universities

  • Schools/colleges

  • Attractions

  • Train stations

  • Bus Terminals

  • Reception areas

  • Hospitals

  • Health Centres

  • Courts

  • Immigration offices

  • Banks

Whatever your need from the smallest POP displays to sampling and merchandising stations, to wall-size motion-graphic exhibits, we have the solution.











Talking Mannequin combined with interactive menu board

Let the Chef tell you about today's menu, simply by touching the screen

Lift Technology


This solution presents visitors with an engaging, interactive shopping experience. Mobile devices and apps have introduced retailers to an unprecedented level of personalised engagement. By means of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) it is now possible to pinpoint a customer’s location within a store.


Virtual Connection demonstrates a solution using Apple’s iBeacon which can send customers personalised notifications about items near them, items on sale in the store or products of particular interest. We show how customers can even “connect” their phone to one of the playback screens in the store for 1-on-1 engagement!


“Lift technology” is used with a range of whisky bottles, displaying relevant information on a screen whenever one of the products is lifted from its spot on the store shelf. You can also lift multiple items to compare them.


To complete  retail experience, electronic shelf displays were also included. They allow store owners to adjust pricing per store-shelf location instantly directly from the POS, with only one click, across many different locations.

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