A Talking Mannequin is the perfect promotional tool for use in any setting where customer communication is key. Ideal for museums, car showrooms, reception areas, cinemas, anywhere where you need to communicate to your audience.


A Talking Mannequin allows you to effectively promote your products in a unique and innovative way; creating excitement, attracting attention and driving sales at the point-of-sale.



In an in-store environment, for example, a video of a salesperson is recorded in the first instance and the Virtual Screen is laser cut to the exact shape and size of their upper body. 


The Screen is then placed on the shop floor on a stand or custom made static display for the lower half of the body. 


A rear mounted projector controls delivery of the video to the Screen and synchronises with directional speakers positioned down by the Talking Mannequins feet to bring it to life. The speakers ensure there is no sound interference with the rest of the retail store.


Because they are more appealing than 2-D flat images, our Talking Mannequins can boost real-world traffic, drive sales, increase sales and set you apart from the competition.


Our Mannequins are produced using real-life models or any body who is not shy in front of the camera.



  • She creates a buzz in your store front window

  • She steals the show and gets all the attention

  • She speaks in any language

  • She talks to the customers about the company and any products

  • She travels to tradeshows and events at any location

  • She captures people's attention, and sends the traffic to you

  • She helps you sell your product

  • She's an attention getter, without a paycheck

  • She represents you the way you want to be presented

  • She creates a fun environment by making people laugh and smile

  • She gives you a chance to get the attention of people, who normally would not give it to you

  • Once under her spell, it's your opportunity to sell your products.


Virtual Mannequins are at the leading edge of display technology:

Our basic models include solid state looping media players & USB playback, Complete with Timer, Audio Amp and Speakers.


For the interactive and wi-fi models we use a range of technologies including small industrial PC’s running Digital Signage Software, Android Players, Touch screen tablet devices including iPads, Mac and Linux systems.


We know every installation requirement is different and we aim to provide you with the best hardware for the job.
All our enclosures feature fan assisted cooling systems to keep your hardware running 24/7.

Options Include:

  • Motion triggers & Buttons

  • Directional audio

  • Touch Surfaces (including tables, the mannequin surface or touch screen)

  • Gesture Control sensors – Control the mannequin with a wave of your hand.

  • RFID interaction

  • QR Codes

  • Local or remote updating – Wifi, Lan, 3G

  • Parallel integrated touch kiosk – to trigger content



  • Ultra-short throw projector with three year lamp warranty

  • Digital media player

  • Loudspeaker system

  • Cooling system

  • Remote control for projector settings and volume


  • 15mm thickness clear cast acrylic silhouette

  • Vinyl printed ‘trousers/legs’

  • Self-adhesive, high-contrast, rear projection screen

  • Fixings to secure to cabinet

  • Ultra clear acrylic


The use of mannequins, once thought of as an oddity for the curious, has evolved into three dimensional displays giving the appearance of live beings.


By the projection of an image of a face exhibiting facial movements on a mold formed in the likeness of a human head, the mold takes on the appearance that it is alive and capable of communication.


Placement of the molded likeness on a torso simulates a human body and, upon projecting an animated film facial image onto the molded likeness, produces what is referred to as a Talking Mannequin.


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