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43" Digital Signage 


Elegant. Reliable. Affordable. Easy

Reliable All-In-One Commercial LCD
LED Digital Poster Solution

e Poster

 e Poster

Digital Signage Applications


Digital signage has been proven to be a better alternative to static signs, posters and billboards in virtually all industries. Virtual Connection signage systems offer the lowest total cost of implementation yet providing a comprehensive functionality.


Our state-of-the-art signage systems are being used worldwide in a variety of applications ranging from digital poster boards, restaurant signage systems, menu boards, advertising networks, announcement portals, point-of-purchase, employee training, customer communication to digital video showcases and alert systems. 


Virtual Connection Digital Platforms deliver Full-HD 1080p quality, innovative communication with scalable, centralized management and content scheduling.

 LED Digital Poster Solution

LED Digital Poster Solution


Engaging audiences has never been easier. Introducing the new L Series all-in-one free-standing digital kiosk solution with BrightSign built-in.

Table-Top-Kiosk Series

Tabletop Kiosk w/ BrightSign.


Engaging audiences has never been easier - introducing the all new tabletop all-in-one digital signage solution with BrightSign built-in.


This highly reliable display offers a cost-effective solution ideal for restaurants, retail, entertainment, public spaces, and more.

Wall Mounted e-Posters

Our all new Wall Mounted Digital ePoster are available in 5 different sizes to meet your signage needs.


Each ePoster comes equipped with a built in media player with 4GB of on board memory and built in 5 watt speakers. This player is capable of playing digital media of all types in multiple zones along with scrolling text. All screens come with free user friendly playlist editing software.


This software allows you to manage your media campaign playlists, schedule when and for how long ads play, as well as set the on/off time for the screen. Information is then loaded to the screen via USB flash drive. The revolutionary Auto Play system option allows you to schedule when you want the display to switch between preset actions.


All models feature a tempered glass face, all steel housing and come with a secure flush mounted wall bracket. All signs are VESA compatible. Replace those old backlit printed graphics and start displaying those announcements, special promotions, directories and menu boards on our easy to use digital displays.

BENEFITS of implementing Digital Signage


Implementing Digital Signage will improve your bottom line. Here are some facts to digest:


  • 65% of the population are visual learners. Doesn’t it make sense that providing a richer visual experience will better engage your customers?


  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. If you’ve only got milliseconds to capture attention and convey a message, wouldn’t you want to increase your probability of success with a visual message?


  • Studies show that sales of certain products have increased by as much as 40% when paired with digital signage.


  • A 1 year study of 400 retail stores, showed that stores using digital signage increased sales by up to 88%


A protective outdoor enclosure sealed to, the Outdoor Totem from provides robust and effective protection against vandalism and liquid ingress, while displaying undisrupted and effective digital signage content.

Available in sizes 46/47”, an enclosure can provide cost effective hardware protection for up to a decade, allowing you to swap, change or upgrade interior hardware quickly, unlike restrictive and expensive (all-in-one) outdoor displays.


Available with different components, enclosures can be equipped to regulate and maintain the best possible interior environment for your display, despite exterior weather conditions.
From -30 to +40 temperatures, enclosures can manage airflow, heat, power and security, through a management system that is called environmental control.



  • Environmental Control, Lengthens Display Life

  • Tested Enclosure

  • 7 Year Lifespan, but functional for up to 10







Dynamic Restaurant Communication is key to Bottom-line


People are eating out now more than ever before, and restauranteurs are beginning to embrace Digital Signage as a way of enhancing their image, the overall atmosphere, and increasing revenue!





Digital Signage in Restaurants & Bars is becoming a norm for:


  • Digital Menu Boards 

  • Vendor / Partner Advertising 

  • Displaying Nutrient & Calorie information 

  • Branding & Customer Entertainment 





Digital signage menu boards guarantee immediate ROI by:


  • Removing the cost of repeated price and menu changes, 

  • Removing the cost of expensive printing, shipping static boards, 

  • Reducing artwork and graphic design expenses, 

  • Adding efficient methods to adhere to new regulations, 

  • Economical combination of software, hardware and support services! 

  • Animating menu item transitions / rotations helps you up-sell 

  • Increase Revenue by cross-selling partner products 

Maximize your relationships with your Patrons by customized welcome screens while offering drink and menu specials


Dynamically promote dinner specials and high-margin menus like appetizers, cocktails, and wines.


In a sports bar installation, Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Large LCDs that are display a highly anticipated sporting event will garner many eyeballs. A video feed via our Digital Signage System in a zoned-window, leaves the rest of the screen's "real estate" available for high-profile, messaging and advertising. Logos can be displayed in a corner, sponsorships can be run in a crawl line, and an animated Advertisement of your wine selection can run on the side.


Often times a supplier to the dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video showcasing than print advertising.


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